Dear Thulo,


I have purchased from Tarkami Mart shop on 13rd Feb 2022, but until now 17th Feb 2022, the goods is not yet delivered. May I know the reason? Since this is the fruit I bought to offer the monks, I dont want anything go wrong with this.


thank you!


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Raja Ram Nepal

Namaskar Thi Phuong Pham

I checked into your order status and found that you have  mentioned the delivery address but there are not any contact numbers associated with your account. 

The only contact numbers we have in record for your account are from Vietnam. Our support team has emailed to you on 14th Feb asking for the contact number of the delivery address but have not heard back yet. 

Can you reply to the email from our team member or provide the contact number in this thread reply or private message to me so that I can forward to our fulfillment team and deliver your order. 


Thank you,

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