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This guide will help you set-up your free website with Thulo Sites services. The process is simple, and anyone can do it. 

Please follow these steps to complete your first website setup.


STEP 1: 

Visit https://sites.thulo.com/create-website/, here you will see two options. “Login with Thulo.Com” or “Register a New Account” at Thulo.Com. 

If you already have a personal or business account with Thulo.Com, you can click the “Login with Thulo.Com”, red color button and login to your account. 

Or, if you are new to Thulo.Com, you can click the “Register a New Account” link and create a free account at Thulo.Com. Once your account is registered. You can login to your account and set-up your website. 



Once logged in to Thulo Sites, you will see a form that allows you to set-up your website. Fill the form with following information:

  • Your Site: This is a temporary site URL for your future website. And also this will work as a username to manage your website in the future. 
  • Site Title: This is the title of your website or name of your website. This will be displayed publicly and choose something that resembles your business name. Make sure your site title is less than 25 characters.
  • Privacy: This option will allow you to choose whether you want to allow search engines to list your website or not. If you do not want your website to display in search results, you can choose the “No”option. However, “Yes” is the default option as you might want to get visitors to your website, as most of the people search for information similar to yours in the search engines like google. 
  • Accept Privacy Policy: While you sign up we collect data from you as your name, email etc. Please tick this option, so that you agree on how we use your information.
  • Site Tagline: This option will allow you to write short information about your business which will be displayed publicly and in search engines and browser titles. Use the site tagline that promotes and provides information about your products, services and your business. Do not make it longer than 60 characters long. 


STEP 3: 

Reserve Your Site: Now click that red “Reserve Your Site” button and your website setup will be completed. 


Congratulations, your website setup has been completed. 



As of now your basic website is completed, to move further you might want to choose design for your website, add pages, images and contents to your website and connect your domain to your site.  Please follow following links to:

  • Choose a design for your website:

  • Add web pages to your website:

  • Connect your domain name to your website:

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