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Paritta Enterprises seller store specializes in Bagmati Plastic products. They provide a variety of durable plastic containers, Tupperware, masala boxes, and set containers. These plastic containers are ideal for every environment. These plastic containers lend themselves to every scenario and are suitable for every need.


  • Bagmati Plastic Container (Big),
  • Bagmati Set of 4 Plastic Containers,
  • Bagmati Set of 3 Easy plastic Containers,
  • Bagmati Fancy Masal Box,
  • Bagmati Smartbox Multipurpose Plastic Container,

Why Paritta Enterprises?

  • Durable Bagmati plastic products,
  • A large variety of Bagmati Plastic Products,
  • Specialized in selling Bagmati products,
  • Trustworthy and reliable seller,
  • Food storage for a longer hours 

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